The possibility of transforming realities

“We can’t lose our memory; we need to remember where, and with which values, we come from as a Foundation’’ ” - Alejandro Mindlin

We are a business foundation set up in 2008 with the commitment to contributing to the sustainable development of the communities where Pampa Energía operates. We believe in our contribution to generating opportunities and inclusion and that education is the main tool to create changes, empower people and bring about social and community development.

This commitment began with ‘Fundación Todos x los chicos’, an organization that continued by supporting and strengthening a vegetable garden and soup kitchen in the proximity of Güemes Thermal Power Plant. In 2007, the ‘Energy Bars’ educational program was launched in Salta and Mendoza aiming to improve children’s diet while providing training on different skills. This experience paved the way for other actions and programs at the national level that led to the creation of the Pampa Energía Foundation one year later.

As from the year 2016, the Pampa Foundation defined its work axes with a strong commitment towards the social, economic and environmental development of the communities where the company is present.